Using Augmented Reality for the Ultimate User Manual

Nobody really likes to read a user manual and often they can be full of lengthy text and confusing diagrams. The problem is that we’re required to apply a linear format to a specific question and that is once we have found the part of the manual that is written in our desired language.

The solution IIM – Interactive Instruction Manuals

What if instead of fingering through pages or scrolling through an online manual, you could simply see your way through a task? Just grab your smart phone, fire up the app and point it at the object in question for a customised, augmented-reality solution.

How does it work?

An AR (Augmented Reality) enabled device such as a smart phone has software that recognizes a symbol, object, or image and adds relevant content so that we can see these layered visualizations as if they were real.

Visual content can range widely – from a simple text-information to a more complicated instruction on a procedure or action.

  • Directing information in the form of 3D and 2D arrows, explaining the location and options available.
  • Text instructions describing the features with accompanying notes or cautions.
  • Where desired, a close-up view depicting a 3D virtual scene centered on the target at close range and rendered on a 2D screen-fixed panel.
  • 3D models of tools (e.g. a screwdriver) for actions or additional components and their connections.

What is the IIM process for creating my App?

The IIM process could not be simpler for our clients, we offer a complete solution from creation to distribution:
  1. You send us the existing instruction manual for your product. (PDF)
  2. We will respond within 24 hours with a fixed price for creating and distributing the Augmented Reality App version of your manual on IOS & Android.
  3. Your quote will include options for your own standalone branded App or if you prefer it can be distributed within our own IIM framework.


4.  We include pricing for multiple language versions and fast amendments and updates.

Get started today and send us your PDF manual to get a quote: 

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