Footfall LIVE is a fully brandable dynamic, feature-rich app that utilises Augmented Reality (AR) to engage consumers and drive footfall to retail locations.

Engagement is established through hundreds of LIVE games, treasure hunts and puzzles which require a physical presence in the retail locations to play, win and receive unique discounts and offers.

Linked seamlessly to live Fintech Solutions with real-time data, this is the ultimate commission only based AR marketing solution.

3+ Billion Smart Devices

Practically every retail customer already has a smart device in their pocket at all times, and they are motivated to use it as often as they can.

Businesses who embrace the desire of their customers to use their smart devices will gain a competitive advantage.

Using AR (Augmented Reality) to create an active gamified shopping experience is an innovative and powerful way to engage our customers through their smart device.

Driving Footfall

Using the AR features of Footfall Live is as simple as opening your camera to take a photo, but what happens after that… takes the customer into another world of fun and interactivity.

The first and primary purpose of Footfall.Live is to drive footfall; as such, you cannot benefit from the rewards unless you visit a physical location.

There will always be a reason to visit location powered by Footfall.Live where a user will be able to seek out activate and register entries for prizes.


Encouraging Human Interaction

The gamification elements are designed to lead towards a one on one human social interaction.

There is a responsibility to balance the exploitation of technology by encouraging healthy human interactions.

The Experience

Footfall.Live can be utilised to drive footfall by creating live events or opportunities. These can be particularly powerful if you are looking to increase footfall on days or during hours when ordinarily sales are flat.

A Footfall.Live user already loved their smart device, and now they love using it in your retail outlet.

A Footfall.Live user feels that they get well rewarded for their interactions; they love the excitement of a chance to win.

They know that not using Footfall.Live could mean missing out every day on winning prizes and getting great deals on their shopping.

The Transformation

Footfall.Live will drive more regular footfall from existing customers and encouraging growth by attracting new ones.

There will be increased revenue per customer and per store which is quantifiable in the metrics.

You will see a highly profitable return on investment as a result of increased footfall and increased revenue.

There is improved customer engagement that almost becomes real-time when implementing Footfall Live events.

Core Development & Pricing Models.

To ensure a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) we offer the choice of two pricing models; *Daily License Fee or **Commission on Sales, both of which include:

  • Showstorm® AR Enterprise License
  • AR Content Design, Game Development and Deployment
  • Standalone App Distribution or Integration to an existing platform
  • In-Store Testing & Quality Control.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


* Minimum 12-month Agreement

** Minimum 24-month Agreement

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