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What is VR Time Travel?

Time travel is no longer just thing of dreams or something you watch in the movies, we now have the technology and expertise to take you to any place and moment in history.

Life is all about stories and human experiences, so imagine not only being able to immerse yourself into a time in history and take in the sights and the sounds, but also to witness historic moments as they play out.

The team at Metaverse42 are now embarking on the creation of places and stories from history from all over world.

The History of Time Travel

In 2016 the team behind Metaverse42 built a Virtual Reality VR game experience that is based in Victorian London 1892, that game SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice was the inspiration that lead to the concept of VR Time Travel.

That project required some of London’s most iconic locations to be accurately built and populated with the sounds and atmosphere of that era. Once anyone is immersed in this virtual world it becomes striking as to what a unique and amazingly visceral human experience Virtual Reality provides.

Creating Places in Time


The first step in crafting the journey in time is to recreate the scene for your story. VR does scale brilliantly but it is hard to do it justice using 2D images or video, below are some screenshots of iconic Victorian London.

Life is all about Stories


Life is all about stories and more specifically memories, historians have heavily documented the history of our planet and the film industry has certainly played its part in bringing those stories to life on the silver screen.

Immersing yourself into a Virtual Reality experience is always breathtaking, but as the creators of VRTime.Travel our expertise is in delivering a story driven experience that unfolds during your trip.

As well as the principal narrative, whilst you freely roam around your chosen location, there are many other stories that you will overhear and be able to eavesdrop on, which means that every time you take your journey it will be a unique version of the experience.

Interacting with Time

If you ever watch a time travel based film, the implications of changing the course of history are ever apparent, during your VRTime.Travel journey you will have the opportunity to interact in many ways, but we are sure that this won’t have a real time impact on your world when you return.

Who is VR Time Travel for?


Whether it is used as a way to attract visitors to your specific location to take part in the experience or whether it is used a marketing tool to encourage future visits, VRTime.Travel is available to anyone with access to the growing range of VR devices as detailed on the Metaverse42 homepage.

Chat with one of our team today about the possibilities if creating a VR Time Travel experience for your business.

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